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Note that we have a great selection (almost 60 for those of you who are counting!) of plans available, many with optional plastic part sets. Many of the plastic parts are available individually (for spares or damage repair), as well as a few small scale plans with special shipping considerations. For info on these spares or other plans, please refer to our printed catalog or contact us for more details.

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Qty Price Description
$3.00 Catalog
$45.95 Plan #105RC - Consolidated PBY-5A (Catalina) - 108" Wingspan
$40.90 Plastic Set for #105RC 108" - Side Gun Blisters, Engine Cowls, Canopy and Turret
$36.95 Plan #105R RC - Consolidated PBY-5A (Catalina) - 72" Wingspan
$17.60 Plastic Set for #105R RC 72" - Side Gun Blisters and Engine Cowls
$44.95 Plan #125 - 1/4 Scale Rearwin "Skyranger" - 108" Wingspan
-Fiberglass cowl for this plan available through Fiberglass Specialties
$41.95 Plan #108RC - Curtiss-Wright T-32 "Condor" - 82" Wingspan
-Admiral Byrd's Beautiful Twin Biplane used in the Antarctic
$40.95 Plan #111RC - 1/4 Scale Piper PA-8 "Skycycle" - 60" Wingspan
$33.50 Plastic Set for #111RC - Plastic Engine Cowl and Clear Plastic Canopy
$45.95 Plan #118RC - Beechcraft G-175 "Staggerwing" - 64" Wingspan
-Beautiful Biplane - "The Legend with Wings." Rib for rib, stringer for stringer, cabin detail. A super scale masterpiece.
$39.95 Plan - Stinson SR-5 "1935" - 84" Wingspan
-2" Scale, a real Beaut!
$34.00 Plastic Set for Stinson SR-5 - Cowl Blister (9 cyl) and Wheelpants Set
$39.95 Plan - Coot 1-A "Amphibian" in 2" Scale
-This is great amphibian!
$41.00 Plastic Set for Coot 1-A 2" Scale - Clear plastic cabin, 2-pc engine cowl and 1pr. wheel fenders
$25.95 Plan - Coot 1-A "Amphibian" in 1" Scale
-This is great amphibian, in smaller scale
$26.95 Plan #100 - Heath "Parasol" - 80" Wingspan
$43.95 Plan #101RC - 1/4 Scale Stinson 108-2 "Voyager" - 101" Wingspan
-Fiberglass cowl for this plan available through Fiberglass Specialties
$44.95 Plan #124 - 1/4 Scale Piper "Super Cruiser" - 108" Wingspan
-4 Large Sheets, Gas or Glow, Fiberglass cowl for this plan available through Fiberglass Specialties

  • Shipping charges for the Continental US (Lower 48 States) are as follows:
    • All plans are shipped rolled in tubes for $10.00 per plan, per order - each plan is shipped in its own tube.
    • All plastic parts are $10.00 shipping per set, per order.
    • "Combined shipping" is not a viable option for these items, based on their size and shape, please contact me with any concerns or questions about details of shipping and shipping costs.
  • Shipping charges outside the Continental US (Alaska, Hawaii, and International) are as follows:
    • All plans are shipped in folded form for $21.00 (US Funds) per plan, per order.
    • All plastic parts are $21.00 (US Funds) shipping per set, per order.

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