A Little History of "Vintage R/C Plans"

"Vintage R/C Plans" was originally created by my wife's Uncle, Sid Morgan. He started the plan service in the late 1960's. More than half the plans were his own drafting designs. He purchased the balance from Robert Sweitzer (his "Custom Line") and added them to his own line. Both Uncle Sid's and Mr. Sweitzer's prints are truly works of art.

In the early 1990's, my wife's aunt informed me that Uncle Sid was quite ill, and could not keep his plan service going. She knew that I was only one in the family that flew R/C and asked if I would be interested in the business. My wife and I decided to purchase the operation,and resumed the plan service using the same equipment and tools.

To me, the plans are wonderful prints and should always be offered to the public. I hope you enjoy building and flying these planes. I'm trying, but there are too many!

-Fred Novack

Vintage R/C Plans - Fred Novack